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Another Update

Posted Thursday, August 10th, 2006 5:05:00 am
Not too much going on right now. I've taken on another project that should be picking up really soon which will probably take up a lot of my time. In the meantime, I've stopped work on everything else to work on a game in C++ using SDL and OpenGL... goodness, the horizons I'm expanding with this project... which should be relatively done within the month. I'm having a lot of fun coding this one... it's a simple point and click game, and I've been challenging myself to use things I haven't touched yet, such as operator overloading, templates, vectors, and other simple concepts. At the same time, it's a fun game to play, so most of my time has been actually playing it. Yes, I have a working alpha, so it shouldn't be long before I wrap this one up.

I have a trip to Las Vegas coming up. I've studied up on my Blackjack game and will cram some more on the plane so I get my hits, splits, and surrenders down pat. I've had some good trips and I've had some bad trips, so it'll be interesting, if not fun, to see how I do this time around.


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