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Cent Satisfaction

Posted Friday, July 14th, 2006 5:47:00 am
I decided over the past weekend that I was getting burnt out, so I decided to push back any work on projects until either Sunday or Monday. That means I get to work on what I want to in the meantime.

So, my project of choice has been Cent. Since it has been so long since I worked in CrystalSpace, I had to redo the event handlers and sound system so that they conformed to the new APIs. After that, I decided to play around a bit and add a preloader, because I absolutely hated the skipping I'd get between game states. The preloader turned out nice, though there was a lot of C++ frustration along the way. I ended up having to completely change the way I handle headers, taking any out of the .h files and putting them all into .cpp files. I also found that because I was referencing enums from one class in another and vice versa, I actually had to move one out so that it would compile right. It seemed really bad at first, as I was getting hundreds of errors, but after a bit of looking around I finally got it working right.

If I decide to continue working on Cent into the weekend, I'll actually be ready to hit new development, which will mean fixing the bits of the control screens I left out, and finishing up the settings editor. Where do I go from there? I'm not sure just yet, and I may have to sit down and actually chart the progress of the application from here on out, which should be interesting.


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