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Leaving CTG, Closing OSMusic.Net

Posted Monday, November 30th, 2009 10:19:00 pm
Just a quick note that I've tendered my resignation at CTG and am going to be closing OSMusic.Net soon. I just can't dedicate myself to music websites anymore due to lack of time and motivation. Some would say it's for the best.

As for OSMusic.Net, I'm mulling over offering refunds to those who did try to keep the site going with credits and stuff. I will keep an archive of the songs on OSMusic.Net similar to the archive I keep of TiS1. I currently do not plan on creating an archive of TiS2.

The Nightstalker is not going away. I am still a musician at heart and that will never change. I just hope that I someday will get the motivation to get back into creating music, but unfortunately I do not see that day coming any time soon.


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