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ASP.Net Sinks In

Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2005 8:10:00 am
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On request of a friend, I finally took the plunge full on into ASP.Net.

It's been years since I did my first ASP.Net application, Outpost Music, and pretty much vowed never to go back to it for a long time. Since then, I've learned much about .Net and how things work. I also know how things don't work. For instance, templating pages is nearly impossible, and doing multiple forms on one page is nearly impossible.

Today, I managed to conquer both of those problems with a little help from some articles across the web. The templating is particularly nasty - it's pointless to use the editor once you go that route. But who needs the editor when you can whip out exactly what you want in HTML anyway?

Aside from that, I've thrown in some of my favorite classes, including my SQLCall class and my high-resolution timer class, and suddenly I have the makings of a really professional web page that I can start developing in as little time as possible. With Outpost, I wasn't even close to this level of templatedness, and what I did get standardized was a pain to bring in from page to page.

So it's not turning out as bad as I had feared. I really love the .Net framework as far as ease of development goes, but hate ASP.Net because it seems like such a big step backwards to me. Hopefully with getting these tools in I can start to change the way I feel about ASP.Net and get some real web development done.


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