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Controls and Controllers

Posted Wednesday, July 27th, 2005 9:12:00 pm
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Since I seem to be in full blog mode today, I figured I'd offer an update on Cent. Things have been moving pretty smoothly, and I have moved on to working with user controls. This may seem easy for most games, for instance most games these days are just point & click with the mouse.

Not Cent.

Cent has 69 different controls that can be defined for game movement, communication, and control of other parts of the game, with more possibly to be added in the future. This means that each of the 69 controls needs its own piece of data to indicate whether the control is triggered from a keyboard, mouse, or joystick. Many of the controls have advanced features where you can bind an axis, so that changes made to one control are made to the other automatically. You can also set the values of things such as keyboard ramping, mouse sensitivity, and joystick sensitivity, displayed in a neat looking little graph. Of course, you can assign backup controls, so that you may use up to three keys to do the same thing. This is on top of the custom-made screens, buttons, graphs, and meters, done in a completely un-IDE-like bit of C++ code. A lot of it is functionalized, but this is still massive. So much for this being a small project.


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