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Google Earth Take 3

Posted Wednesday, July 27th, 2005 8:23:00 pm
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I am enjoying this program far too much.

My latest shot shows an approximation of the view I had from the Williams/TransCo Tower in the Galleria Area today. I was in for an interview with a company, and the office in which the interview was conducted had an amazing view of Houston to the south and west. Of course, I was too nervous to fully appreciate the view (see next post), so I had to come to Google Earth to check it out again.

One of the interesting things about this program, and an indication of how far it still has to go, is the vertical perception of things is different. For instance, you may see the pools in the white complex in the middle of the page.... they were not present from my vantage point, obscured by the two stories of apartments around them. Also, the buildings behind where you see the label "Hidalgo St" are quite tall. But this is still pretty amazing software... Love the waterwall shot in the lower left. And I think what amazes me the most is that they found a time during daylight when the 610 & 59 interchange wasn't a parking lot...


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