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Posted Saturday, June 4th, 2005 11:45:00 pm
I decided to work a bit on Cent again. It's amazing that with all the time I took off, I was able to look at the code and not go, "Huh?" Perhaps more amazing was the fact that I upgraded to the latest Crystal Space CVS, compiled it, and made it through all the errors in my code that occurred due to the change in the way the event handler works. All without asking for help. There's hope for me yet.

Anyway, did more file I/O stuff, corrected some pretty bad errors, learned the difference between memcpy and strncpy, and actually made pilot functionality working well now. You can add and remove pilots, and the system will save them, knowing which one was your last pilot selected so it'll use it when it's game time. Which is still far off. But I figure if I can put a solid config in first, I'll be able to focus on the details of the game later.


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