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Late night coding, how I miss thee

Posted Friday, June 18th, 2010 8:06:00 am
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(Wow, haven't used that line in a while.)

"Get some sleep," said Kathy as she left for work earlier this evening.

Yeah, right. When I get on a roll, it takes a lot more than a recommendation of sleep get me to hop off.

Tonight I was determined to get back into the Six Minutes To Release project and fix it up so that it works with my changes to the LibWowArmory project. Well, that I did, and then some.

The website doesn't compile just yet, but all of the associated libraries do. Also, everything is updated for Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net Framework 3.5 except for one project, which I will tackle tomorrow. The reason the website doesn't compile is because I decided tonight to get rid of the Ajax Control Toolkit in favor of JQuery UI controls.

The reason for this is because the Ajax Control Toolkit has some kind of minification MSBuildTask. That's great for people who don't already use minification, but I've gone so far as to code my own minification (plus combination, compression, and caching) library. It annoys me that I have to install something extra just to get code to run. So, Ajax Control Toolkit is out.

The only controls I was using was a calendar and dialog popup, both of which is provided in the stock jQuery UI release. I've been wanting to get away from Microsoft's Ajax for the jQuery (even Microsoft uses jQuery) because of the ease of use of jQuery and simplistic and low bandwidth Ajax calls compared to Microsoft's chunky code. This is certainly a good first step towards that.

Yup, I'm in full code monkey mode, and far be it for sleep to interrupt me for any longer than it has to.


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