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Buffalo, Land of Snow (well, maybe next year)

Posted Thursday, March 1st, 2007 9:56:00 pm
As usual, I spent the holidays with my mom in Buffalo, NY. Usually, around Christmastime, the weather's awful up there. I'm talking single digit temperatures that may or may not have a minus sign out in front of them and multiple snow storms that range anywhere from a few inches to several feet.

Well, this year was really odd. Buffalo got their first snowfall in early October. Apparently, it broke an 89-year old record for the most snow in one day in October. That record was broken again the next day with even more snow.

At the time, the trees still had their leaves, so the snow was being particularly weighty. A large majority of the trees couldn't take this kind of weight, so they all bent, snapped, or otherwise keeled over. When I went in December, the city still hadn't cleaned up. Anywhere there was trees, the skyline looked like a wreck, almost like a bad wind storm had been through.

What was most odd, though, was that it did not snow when I was there. Nine days without snow in Buffalo? Did hell freeze over or something?

Of course, I get back to Houston and the northeast gets hit with some ridiculous storm that saw Parish, NY, which is in another part of the state, receive about 12 feet. Buffalo was spared the worst, but it got its share.

I hate snow.


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