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Visual Studio 2010

Posted Monday, April 19th, 2010 9:40:00 pm
I've got Visual Studio 2010 up and running both at work and at home, and so far it's been pretty smooth. A few things that I ran across that I don't particularly care for, but have made a workaround for:

  • You can't use the standard FixedSys font in the editor. Because it's using WPF, it can't use old fonts like FixedSys. The solution is to pick up this TTF replacement. It's the best one out there.

  • I like a dark environment, complete with a black background and a bunch of highlights, especially for comments and literal strings. Apparently, Microsoft doesn't. They make the background of anything that's not the background of the page translucent, resulting in a darker color when seen against a black background. Further, multiple lines with background colors aren't filled in, leaving annoying-looking, thin black lines between each and every line of text that has a highlight in it. This is fail. Fortunately, this fix takes care of both.

I've begun working on getting all of my code into Visual Studio 2010, although the C++ projects are going to prove a little more painful, possibly more so than they are worth. Cent and Constellation may have to remain on 2008 until I can figure out a way to get them working again.

But so far, 2010 kicks ass. Code Analysis is fun to play with, and reducing all my VB.Net properties to one line is just delicious. I'm not going to go to the .Net 4.0 Framework just yet, although that is indeed the next logical step, and with luck it will come possibly next week.


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