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When did my typing get so bad?

Posted Monday, September 26th, 2005 10:37:00 pm
One thing I have been struggling with over the past five years or so is my accuracy when it comes to typing. I mean really, when did it get so bad?

In late 2000, the date of my last official typing test, I timed at 81 WPM with no errors. Granted, I'm much faster today, going anywhere between 100 and 120 WPM, but the errors have just gotten huge.

All it takes is going through the blog to find out how bad it's gotten. "definiately" instead of "definitely", "now" instead of "no", "cat" instead of "cat 5". It's to the point I don't trust my own typing anymore, and double check everything... which still isn't enough.

I can't imagine my typing going much faster, and I'm really comfortable with where I'm at now. But typos just annoy me. They make things read like they were written by someone a third of my age. There's not too much I can do to improve other than slow down, but I'm typically a very impatient person when it comes to the computer. My time is worth more than the mistakes I make, I suppose. I just hope those mistakes don't get to the point where I need to slow down.


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