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Posted Friday, May 16th, 2014 7:01:15 am

So I’m working on updating my website, hoping I actually finish it this time.  This is my 3rd attempt.  I started off in .NET, then in node + express, and now in node + rendr.

I started this in 2010, and the first image shows my original design that’s carried over through the first two attempts.  While it’s miles better than my 2002 ASP design (that we won’t even talk about), it always seemed a bit odd.  It’s cramped, the colors are awkward, and the home-grown controls are too clunky.

Fast forward to today, the second image shows the latest version.  For the first time, I’m integrating Bootstrap into my work, and it’s done wonders for my very limited design skills.  After slightly altering the colors, I came up with this theme, which is more spacious, and has a GUI that so far makes sense.

This is still a long way from becoming reality, but now that I have time to work on stuff like this, it’s pretty exciting to see where this can go, especially when working on bleeding edge technology like node and rendr.


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