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One Week Later...

Posted Friday, July 7th, 2006 7:07:00 am
Wow. That was annoying.

It took me the better part of the last week to get my system back into a usable condition with all of the software installed again. Some of the many things that went wrong:

- The hard disks have gone from UDMA mode to PIO mode. This means that any disk activity is slow, and probably was the main cause as to why this took so long. No amount of registry hacking or device uninstallation has fixed it.
- My Blackberry won't install the latest drivers from the Windows Update site. It says the drivers have been downloaded but when it goes to install them, it fails with no useful reason as to why. To resolve this, I had to download the Blackberry Desktop Manager from RIM's site.
- Creative's drivers took about 5 attempts to install. I literally spent all day Sunday on this. It was a complete disaster, every time they looked installed, something would cause them to stop functioning. They have been stable for a few days, thankfully.

I had to install more than 100 programs, but I took the opportunity to upgrade some key pieces of software, including a full Adobe suite, the latest MadTracker and Skale Tracker, the latest SoundForge (I had no idea Sony bought SoundForge), and a host of other upgrades.

I'm afraid I'm still going to be spending much of the weekend with Windows trying to get my hard drives back into UDMA mode - or buying new SATA's. Hopefully that won't mean another complete reinstall, I don't think I can take another one.


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