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Paper: Part I: Building Trust

by roncli, The Nightstalker

Posted Monday, December 9th, 2013 8:47:45 am

While “All In My Head” is off to get a potential makeover in the drum track, I have started my next project, “Paper”.

This piece is what I call an “epic”.  It is a conceptual song with multiple parts that are tied together.  In this case, “Paper” is going to be a 7-part song, with each part having its own set of emotions, all the while telling a story that is tied in with recurring melodies and themes.

This is part 1, “Building Trust”.  Each part will be around this size give or take, so the finished work will probably end up being around 20 minutes long.  There will also be some sound effects added to help further the story being told, and part 2, the title track, will have a sung portion.


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