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Yet Another Roundup

Posted Thursday, August 30th, 2007 9:54:00 am
Not a whole lot going on. Here's a list of things that have captured my interest in the past month:

- Cute Trance Girls, or CTG Music as they'd prefer to be known, is back. Apparently some nastiness involving the server's host caused it to go down for a while.

- Trax in Space is slowly coming along. I just wish there'd be more development and bug fixes going on than there are. There have been some rather interesting discussions going on over there, with one in particular that's annoying me. Basically, a strung-out reviewer wrote some pretty bad reviews while he was high on something, which started an argument on review quality. Debate in book form ensued, mostly stemming from differing opinions as to what Trax in Space should be. Fun stuff.

- If you ignore the Timbaland junk, Open Labs has some pretty cool products, most notably the NeKo. Over $8,000 for the model I want, this all-in-one digital audio station is very impressive. I was going to go for a full studio solution, but I think that this will fit the bill nicely for now. Well, not now. Rather, when I have $8,000 to blow on music.

- Kathy and I will be vacationing in Niagara Falls, NY next month for a week. It's supposed to be us celebrating 6 years together, but we're a few months off this year. We were going to time it to coincide with a wedding, but that's not happening now. Oh well, we're still going up, and we're still going to have fun. Maybe I can win big in blackjack again.


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