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Servers back up

Posted Thursday, July 21st, 2011 2:25:00 pm
Yesterday, I rebooted my server after doing some Windows updates. After that, for whatever reason, the system decided it wasn't going to boot up anymore, locking up on a faded Windows load screen just moments after post. No amount of Safe Mode stopped this either, it would lock up on a file called crcdisk.sys.

The two immediate options I checked for was a virus, using the Kaspersky Rescue CD, and bad sectors on the hard drive, using the Ultimate Boot CD. The Virus check found nothing, but the Ultimate Boot CD did come up with one bad sector during a full scan. Interesting that it did not find anything when I went to repair said sector.

After this, I rebooted it again, and this time got a blue screen complaining about being unable to open one of the registry files. Yikes. However, a second reboot cleared this, and somehow the server is up again.

What fail, fickle computers.


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