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Damn Hackers

Posted Thursday, March 31st, 2005 11:51:00 pm
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I've been using w.bloggar as my method to post since I started this thing... It's very useful and puts a little "b" in the systray, which I leave visible all the time as a reminder for me to not ignore my blog. It's worked rather well so far, until I've had to edit a post.

Apparantly, w.bloggar is getting some sort of "invalid property value" whenever I try to load up an old post. It loads the text fine, but when I go to update the post, it actually creates a NEW post.

No problem, I figure, I'll just go to the website,, check for a new version, or report a bug. Well, I guess they have an invalid property value thing going on too, no site comes up. A quick run at the source reveals the reason.

<!--r00t by Team g0dmode, greets to BasS-Z & Para Sh4rk!-->

PWNED!!!!!1111one11!!1onetwo11six11shiftone!!!111½½¼¼¼ Bastard hackers.


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