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Projects now on IIS, SVN available

Posted Monday, February 25th, 2008 8:25:00 pm
The projects website is now live on my IIS server. I had to fix some problems with the CGI, but once I resolved those it worked just fine. The nice thing about this fix is that it allows me to create other tracs across my server.

I've also made my SVN repository accessable at svn:// Currently I have my World of Warcraft Grid modules available along with the initial tests for my Space addon collection. I also added my first attempt at an IRC Bot for Outpost Music, and my ever so simplistic IsItUp application. Both of these I'd like to develop at some point, but it's not something I plan on prioritizing any time soon.

The biggest addition to the repository was the source code to the D3TL, the Descent 3 Teams League website. I haven't touched the code in years, and figured that the best place for it would be out in the open, in case anyone wanted to do something with it.

More stuff will be added as time and energy allows.


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