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Riding the Wave

Posted Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 8:42:00 pm
Last night I had a surprise waiting for me in my inbox: a Google Wave invitation!

I spent the majority of last night playing in various multiplayer Sudoku waves and checking out many of the other public waves available. The implementation is very nice. I haven't done a whole lot so far, but this post here is my first attempt at using Bloggy, the robot that publishes stuff to your blog. [ed: It failed. Bloggy's not working yet.] There's also Tweety for Twitter, and about half a gazillion more that I haven't even discovered yet.

Having very few contacts makes it difficult for me to do anything productive here, but it's really neat to be able to check out the latest Google technology. And before you ask, all my invitations are spoken for. Sorry!


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