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Google Chrome

Posted Thursday, September 4th, 2008 10:06:00 pm
Google has put out a new product called Google Chrome. It is, basically, an IE killer... a next-gen Internet web browser.

Google put a lot of thought into this product, as is evidenced by the elaborate comic strip they put out, describing all the deep, delicious, techie details that only us geeks can understand.

It's quite feature-lacking, however. Google put all their manpower into the V8 engine, the webkit, and the minimalistic design that they've forgotten about simpler things. One person on TiS pointed out that you can't tell Chrome to not remember a password right now. You either remember it forever, or it won't bother you ever again, there's no middle ground. One of the frustrating points for me is the lack of 3rd button scrolling on the mouse. You can't hold down the middle mouse button and scroll the webpage. And the spell checker... did they not think about offering suggestions for misspelled words?

But the speed is phenomenal, you can't deny that. Everything that has run JavaScript has worked with amazing speed and web pages load faster than ever. For that reason I've made it my primary browser for now. Hopefully Google can get their act together and start working on the small details to make a really awesome Internet browsing experience.


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