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Posted Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 8:37:00 am
I've been talking a lot about sites that contain music. It's high time that I did something about my music!

As an experiment, I'm working on a production for Outpost Music called "TNS Raw". The idea is simple. I've setup my guitar and microphone, and I perform, talking about my music as I go. One take is the goal, although I don't necessarily achieve that all the time. You can hear how bad my guitar playing is, how my voice warps when I try to go to the high end of my range without waking up the neighbors, but most of all you can hear the raw emotion that goes into each and every composition, which is the main point of this production. It was originally supposed to be a set of three songs, narrated with the inspiration and some additional information related to each song. I ended up doing 4 and a half, covering over an hour of listen time with me babbling on in between.

As I said, this is an experiment. Not only is the music emotional, the commentary is as well. It is something that's either going to be widely popular, or just shrugged off. Either way, it's something I am enjoying putting together, and will most likely have ready within the next day or two.

As a teaser, here's a track list:

  1. The Nightstalker

  2. The Editor, Introduction

  3. The Editor

  4. The Editor, Thoughts

  5. Everytime, Introduction

  6. Everytime

  7. Everytime, Thoughts

  8. Eternally, Introduction

  9. Eternally

  10. Eternally, Thoughts

  11. Decade, Introduction

  12. Decade

  13. Decade, Thoughts

  14. Babbling

  15. Links

  16. Greetz

  17. You (Preview), Introduction

  18. You (Preview)


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