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San Antonio wrapup

Posted Thursday, February 24th, 2005 11:16:00 am
Got to see my brother's new Dave Matthews Tribute Band play in San Antonio last night. They are currently on tour, swinging the western states next month. The only venue I'm sure of is the House of Blues in Hollywood, although I know they are playing in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Seattle as well.

It was an interesting experience. I personally thought the in house sound guy did a poor job, allowing for - and not correcting - horrible feedback in the midranges. The woodwind player also left a lot to be desired, as his idea of improvisation was weak (do basic stuff, only really really really fast!), and the non-improv stuff was done pretty poorly.

But the fiddler rocked, even if he accidentally unplugged himself in the middle of a solo twice. I couldn't get over how much he got into his solos, and he complimented the band well. The bassist and drummer sounded great as well.

And Ryan, oh my how he has matured as a musician. His guitar playing - which was non-existant up until a few years ago - is amazing, well beyond what I have learned. And - perhaps the clincher in a tribute band - he sounds almost exactly like Dave Matthews.

These guys are definitely a treat, especially if you enjoy Dave Matthews stuff. The audience was happily jamming to every song played, despite the technical problems. If they're coming to an area near you and you like Dave Matthews stuff, go see em.

Here's a tip though. If some weird guy with glasses gets up on stage before the band starts to play, and he's wearing a guitar strap around his waist, leave for about an hour or so. Your ears will thank you.


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