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SVN turns 1000

Posted Friday, March 5th, 2010 11:22:00 pm
Today, I made my 1,000th commit to my SVN server. It wasn't much of a change, reversing a commit that turned debugging on for one of my websites, but it's a milestone nonetheless.

Building up to this, I did a lot of work with the applications and libraries that currently exist on the SVN. Here's a brief summary of what I've done recently:

  • LibWowArmory got an ItemTooltip class added to it, only a demo application remains before I release version 0.3.

  • Constellation and Cent both got their libraries in the /lib directory of the SVN, allowing me to develop these applications anywhere, not just at home.

  • Six Minutes To Release had a ton of work done on it, including the addition of LibMinifier, my JavaScript and CSS minification/combination/compression library. I also replaced WZ Tooltip with jQuery Tooltip, continuing my move towards jQuery on the Six Minutes website.

For now, I will continue to focus on the Six Minutes website, as there are a lot of guild issues that require me to do a lot of coding. After that, however, Gate will be the focus, as I want to get a copy of that up and running before Google shuts down Blogger FTP on May 1st. Granted, I have a backup plan if I don't succeed in that goal, but I'm hoping I can get something quick done by then.


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