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BOINCing around

Posted Monday, May 29th, 2006 8:26:00 am

Not so long ago, I got full into using BOINC, the new software that drives the SETI@Home application. As you may recall, I was running a SetiQueue for a couple of years until they shut the classic application down. I was a bit reluctant to get back into it, but after some time, I've bit the bullet.

I've found there's now a ton of applications out there using the BOINC structure to do the type of grid computing that SETI@Home made famous. The result? Me adding almost a dozen and a half different projects to share the free resource time among the six computers that I use (Successor,, Reborn, ModPlug, and the two I use at work). SETI@Home has a huge head start because of the fact that I was running it on one computer for quite a long time to see how I liked it. Well, I liked it.

There's a site called BOINC Synergy that displays stats for all BOINC projects, even ones not listed on BOINC's site, including alpha and beta tests and projects that are under development. If you're into BOINC or any type of grid computing, this site's worth checking out. Projects range from search for extraterrestials, to finding a cure for cancer or AIDS, to security cracking challenges, to Chess960 algorithms, to 3D rendering... the possibilities of grid computing seem endless.


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