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SQL Server v Winamp

Posted Sunday, February 20th, 2005 9:38:00 am
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So I'm sitting here working on my log analyzer web app, and Kathy's sitting on her computer listening to Winamp and playing AdventureQuest. The music plays along fine... until I decide to create an index on my 5 million row table.

See, my SQL server is on the same machine as all the MP3s. Since this machine doesn't have any spectacular hardware in it - just an SIDE hard drive - SQL Server and Winamp fight for drive time. The result is usually that SQL Server wins out, causing Winamp to choke.

This happening once in a while isn't bad... but I've been hitting my database with new indexes all night trying to reduce my query times from 1 minute to under 1 second. The result, lots of unnecessary interruptions.

If we didn't use the MP3s on more than one machine - and an available machine other than the server had enough hard drive space - this could be avoidable. Until then, though, I guess we're stuck just skip skip skipping away...


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