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Windows Defender is Terrible

Posted Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 10:26:00 pm
I was using Microsoft Anti-Spyware at work, and it was a great program. It caught stuff that didn't need to be on my computer, and for the most part worked quietly in the corner minding its own business.

So I decided to upgrade to Windows Defender, the next in line. What a mistake! All day at work I was having message after message after message asking me to check Windows Defender to see what was wrong when there was nothing wrong. It also said I had two VNC versions installed on my computer, except when I had the program remove one version it killed the second version. Then, after I completely uninstalled and reinstalled it, it still saw two versions.

I finally gave up and uninstalled the program. Spyware just doesn't concern me enough to keep a program that won't leave me alone for no reason, even when I turn it off. AdAware SE remains the best thing out there.

Leave it to Microsoft to screw it up.


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