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Boom, Bitches!

Posted Monday, January 25th, 2021 9:17:54 pm

While redesigning my stream last year, I decided to compose a theme song for it.  Previously, I had been playing random game music, but wanted something a little more personalized.  This song combines synths, guitars, and a bit of spoken vocal work to really put the “boom” into my stream.


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Client Extrapolation mod from Whollycow.
Fix for charge eating Thunderbolt swaps Fixes the bug where if the player carried a Thunderbolt and picked up a weapon while charging, Autoselect would wait for the player to stop charging but would still initiate the swap (if the picked up weapon was of higher priority) to early for the TB shot to be actually fired.
Use a connection pool for Redis.
Add 5 minute idle timeout to Redis.


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