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Atlas Reactor

Time played: 49 minutes

Unearned Achievements

12/10 Great Doggo
Deal 200 damage with Subwoof in one game as PuP
Angel of Vengeance
Deal 300 damage and shielding with Guardian Angel in one game as Asana
Atomic Dynamo
Heal 200 damage with Positronic Surge in one game as Quark
Blow Them All Away
Deal 200 damage with Oblivion Shell in one game as Elle
Deal 200 damage with Safecracker in one game as Celeste
Shield 200 damage with Blast Shield and Battleforged in one game as Helio
Covered in Bugs
Heal for 100 with Mending Swarm and deal at least 200 damage in one game as Phaedra
Dodge This!
Dodge 10,000 Damage
Deal 200 damage with Lay Down the Law in one game as Juno
Eye of the Storm
Deal 150 combined damage and healing with Heart of the Storm in one game as Aurora
Fish Out Of Water
Heal 200 damage with Refreshing Spray in one game as Dr. Finn
Flashing Steel
Deal 200 damage with Rushing Steel and Showdown in one game as Tol-Ren
Good Deeds
Shield more than 150 damage with Karmic Justice in one game as Su-Ren
Deal 100 damage with Voltaic Cage in one game as Grey
Level 100
Reach Reactor Level 100
Level 150
Reach Reactor Level 150
Level 200
Reach Reactor Level 200
Level 250
Reach Reactor Level 250
Level 300
Reach Reactor Level 300
Level 350
Reach Reactor Level 350
Level 400
Reach Reactor Level 400
Level 450
Reach Reactor Level 450
Level 50
Reach Reactor Level 50
Level 500
Reach Reactor Level 500
Make It Rain Missiles
Deal more than 200 damage with Missile Storm in a game as Zuki.
Mark of the Ninja
Deal 80 damage with Mark of the Void in one game as Kaigin
Massive Attack
Deal 10,000 Damage
Master of Mayhem
Deal 200 damage with Maniacal Mayhem in one game as Gremolitions Inc
On my Mark!
Heal at least 200 damage with Take Aim! in one game as Khita
One Shot, Four Kills
Deal 200 damage with Fusion Pulse in one game as Nix
Phenomenal Cosmic Power
Deal more than 250 combined damage and healing with Cosmic Flare in one game as Orion
Rebel With a Cause
Deal 200 damage with Run and Gun in one game as Lockwood
Same Day Delivery
Deal 150 damage with Shock Pod in one game as Garrison
Shield to the Face
Deal at least 200 damage and dodge at least 100 damage in one game as Brynn.
Shield Wall
Deal 150 damage with Aegis Protocol in one game as Rampart
The Artful Dodger
Dodge 150 damage and deal 500 damage in one game as Oz
The Only Way To Be Sure
Deal 200 damage with Scorched Earth in one game as Blackburn
The Power of Friendship
Heal or Shield 10,000 Damage
There Can Be Only One
Deal 150 damage with Deathblow in one game as Titus
Unleash the Beast
Heal for 75 health with Augmented Regeneration and deal 100 damage with Uncontrollable Fury in a single game as Rask. Media Player