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Mini Metro

Time played: 5 hours 42 minutes

Earned Achievements

Bilhete Único
Deliver 500 passengers in São Paulo.
Deliver 500 passengers in San Francisco.
Day trip
Post a score in a daily challenge.
Deliver 200 passengers in New York.
Deliver 200 passengers in Berlin.
Deliver 300 passengers in Melbourne.
Deliver 200 passengers in Paris.
Deliver 200 passengers in Hong Kong.
Deliver 500 passengers in Montréal.
Deliver 200 passengers in London.
Deliver 500 passengers in Seoul.
Deliver 500 passengers in Saint Petersburg.
Deliver 500 passengers in Cairo.
Deliver 500 passengers in Osaka.
Deliver 500 passengers in Shanghai.

Unearned Achievements

City of Lines
Deliver 1300 passengers in Paris using no more than three lines.
Post a score in the daily challenge every weekday for one week.
Don't Have a Cow, Man
Reach week nine in San Francisco.
Green and orange and yellow and blue
Deliver 1600 passengers in Montréal using no more than four lines.
Hong Kong Eights
Deliver 1100 passengers in Hong Kong with no more than eight stations per line.
Hook Turn
Deliver 1000 passengers in Melbourne with at least one station connected to all lines.
Deliver 600 passengers in Auckland.
Neva the Great
Deliver 1500 passengers in Saint Petersburg with tunnels on no more than one line.
São Paulo Grand Prix
Deliver 1200 passengers in São Paulo using only loops.
Second Harbour Crossing
Deliver 1500 passengers in Auckland using no more than two tunnels.
Seoul Train
Deliver 1400 passengers in Seoul with tunnels on no more than one line.
Shanglow? Shanghai!
Deliver 1200 passengers in Shanghai with at least one station connected to all lines.
Square Times
Deliver 1600 passengers in New York City with square stations on no more than two lines.
Ten weeks in Osaka
Reach week ten in Osaka.
Thames Tunnel
Deliver 1000 passengers in London using no more than one tunnel.
The City of Six Carriages
Deliver 1400 passengers in Cairo using no more than one carriage per line.
The Grey Lokomotive
Deliver 1000 passengers in Berlin using no more than one locomotive per line. Media Player