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Nuclear Throne

Time played: 3 hours 43 minutes

Earned Achievements

Bandit Stopper
Defeat Big Bandit.
Dog Owner
Defeat Big Dog.
Eyes Unlocked
Reach 2-1.
Melting Unlocked
Plant Unlocked
Reach 3-1.
Robot Unlocked
Reach 5-1.
Sincere Apologies.

Unearned Achievements

6e 69 63 65
Advanced Sitter
Blood Blood Blood
Reach the Nuclear Throne in under 10 minutes as Plant.
Chicken Unlocked
Reach 5-?.
Crown Life
Unlock a Crown as any character.
Crystal Can Shield
Reach 4-? as Crystal.
Crystal Smasher
Everything Hurts
Reach the Nuclear Throne with Melting without choosing Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit.
Fish Can Roll
Loop as every character.
Forget The Old Days
Frog Slayer
Frog Zone
Go Hard
Good Find
Unlock a Golden Weapon as any character.
Good Riddance
Horror Unlocked
Hunter Killer
Defeat Lil Hunter.
Reach 2-? as Eyes.
Never Look Back
Not Bad
Reach 7-3 on a Daily.
Rebel Unlocked
Rogue Unlocked
Reach the Nuclear Throne.
Steroids Unlocked
Reach 6-1.
Techno Killer
The Struggle Continues
Loop the game.
The Struggle Is Over
Throne Sitter
Ultra Mutant
Get 100% of the unlocks.
Ultra Time
Reach Level Ultra as any character.
Vault Raider
Unlock all Crowns as one character.
Unlock a Golden Weapon for every character.
Way Of The Chicken
Y.V. Unlocked
Reach 3-?. Media Player