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Primary Language: JavaScript
Created: 5/9/2014 9:37:25 pm (5/9/2014)
Updated: 1/8/2019 7:50:49 am (1/8/2019)

The website.


This is the source code to the website, using Rendr for node.js, and is backed by a SQL Server database, which is designed in a Visual Studio 2013 database project. The intention of this project, in addition to serving as my home page, is to demonstrate the capabilities of Rendr, and to provide inspiration for the possibilities that can be achieved.

This project is unlicensed. Please contact me if you wish to use any part of this code in your project. You may fork this project, install it on a local machine for testing, and make edits to it, but usage in other projects, whether on GitHub or not, is prohibited without my consent. If you are looking for a Rendr project to use as a starting point for your project, please consider Rendr Template instead.


Please see the GitHub project page for complete instructions on how to install this project.

The Making of

Coming soon, I will be recording a series of videos on the making of



This is a bug fix release.

* Upgrades to many packages to address security issues.
* Replaced battlenet-api with blizzhub to comply with upcoming Battle.Net API requirements.
* Fixed various GitHub issues.
* Removed Node.js domains.
* Fix bug with error labels not on their own line.
* Fix bug with missing blog data crashing the front page.
* Fix bug with improperly cached data not getting refetched.


This is a bug fix release.

* Upgrade node.js to version 10.0.0, and upgrade all packages to their current versions.
* Fix bug with dates in GitHub projects.
* Upgrade grunt-contrib-uglify to get gzipped size information on build.
* Fix bug with double clicking login.
* Fix bug with using wrong Steam server for CDN.
* Fix bug with style element showing in CSS previews.
* Fix ignored tags for the default controller.


This is a bug fix release.

* Fix bug with IE.
* Remove Twitch player.
* Add Diamond rank to DCL and remove DCL playlists.
* Fix bug with Steam headers not displaying.


This is a bug fix release.
- Updated DCL stats to show if a player is unranked as opposed to showing them in position 0.
- Upgraded file upload system for latest multer version.
- Updated DCL YouTube playlist to be configurable.
- Fixed bug with Facebook meta tags not HTML encoding.
- Fixed bug with certain files being unable to be downloaded.


This is a bug fix release.
- Removed League of Legends from the site. The API changed and is not useful for the type of stats I wish to display.
- Fixed issues with gaming APIs not loading that were preventing the home page from loading.


This is a bug fix release.
- Fixed the way that files are downloaded from the /files directory so that they may be downloaded from other pages.
- Added favicon.ico to the root for browsers that require it.


This is a bug fix release.
- Fixed some bugs with mobile.
- Fixed bugs with Steam games that have achievements, but I haven't achieved any yet.


This is the initial release of the website!
- Added Twitch to the front page - When I am live on, my Twitch feed will show up on the front page.
- Added a listing of RSS feeds to the front page.
- redirect service - URL shortener for my own use.
- jQuery Validation remote method - I removed my custom jQuery Validation method for remote validation and replaced it with the jQuery Validation remote method.
- Added an awesome roncli Productions logo loader between pages.
- Reduced number of instances where the font doesn't load right sometimes.
- Fixed bug with Twitter loading before the user login which resulted in logins from a cookie not always working.
- Moved allowed YouTube playlists into the database.
- Images can be no wider than 100% of the container it is in.
- Updated some models, moving them to collections to allow for caching.


This version implements the life section, which is essentially just a bunch of links to specific pages on the site. Included is an administration section.


This version implements the gaming section, which makes calls to Battle.Net, Riot Games, Steam, and the DCL. Also implemented is file uploading, and support for enumerating YouTube playlists. Included is an RSS feed for the gaming page and an administration section. Gaming pages also double as HTML pages, meaning that if you create a page with the same URL as a gaming page, that HTML will display on the page along with the rest of the page.


This version implements the coding section, which links to GitHub. Included are RSS feeds for the coding page and each project pages, and an administration section. Coding pages also double as HTML pages, meaning that if you create a page with the same URL as a coding page, that HTML will display on the page along with the rest of the page.


This version implements the music section, which links to SoundCloud. Included are comments, RSS feeds for the music and each individual tag, and an administration section. Music pages also double as HTML pages, meaning that if you create a page with the same URL as a music page, that HTML will display on the page along with the music.


This version adds comments to the bottom of pages, and adds an administration section to moderate them.


This version implements HTML pages. Included are page hierarchy with simple navigation, and an administration section.


This version implements the blog, which links to Blogger and Tumblr. Included are comments, RSS feeds for the blog and each individual category, and an administration section.


This version introduces the account page where you can change your email, password, or alias. This version is branched as the `base` branch, and will be kept updated as portions of the code pertaining to this branch are updated.


This version introduces the bare bones of the website, including the layout, Twitter feed, contacts, and hosted sites. Users can register, login, and request password reset authorizations.

Recent Commits

d0cb8e1 Version 1.0.7.
bc4293d Fix bugs with GitHub, Blogger, Blizzard, and more.
0c96a29 Package updates for
ec173d3 Package updates for, updated D3 and WoW for latest blizzhub.
3730834 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
e19c281 Remove domains, as they are deprecated.
93d57c4 Initial WhiteSource configuration file
a48d704 Swap out battlenet-api for blizzhub, fix other Blizzard issues.

This is not yet ready to be pushed, however, due to issues with some blizzhub APIs. Either I'll need to fork the project and fix the URL issues with the library, or wait on underfisk/blizzhub-ts#1 to be resolved.
3e5f7f5 Fix bugs with the D3 and GitHub APIs.
7da9ce7 Visual Studio doesn't know what it's doing sometimes.
538be29 Updates for Visual Studio solution.
47daf15 Update readme.
78d6c1d Update remaining dependencies on
c098b82 Version 1.0.6. Upgrade all packages to their latest versions, now using node.js v10.
ab5699c Fix ignored tags for the default controller.
220d8a0 Fix bug with style element showing CSS in previews. Also, remove site.min.css from source control.
622e972 Fix bug with using wrong Steam server for CDN.
decfe47 Fix bug with being able to double click "Login" and have all kinds of bad happen.
a744348 Upgrade grunt-contrib-uglify package to get gzipped size information.
042cf85 Fix bug with dates in GitHub projects.
e38b853 Updates for latest Node.js tools for VS and SSDT.
290b144 Version 1.0.5.
6c082f9 Update Visual Studio projects.
17260fe Fix bug with Steam headers.
1a534fa Add diamond to DCL and remove DCL playlist videos.
03efefa Remove Twitch player.
ba8a937 Fix bug with router in IE.
fe1b234 Version 1.0.4.
ca76c91 Add list of all DCL video playlists.
fcc4eca Fix bug with being unable to download files.
fbf02f9 Merge branch 'master' of
e5ccddf - Fix bug with meta tags and HTML encoding.
- Make DCL YouTube playlist configurable.
6dc20c4 Twitter changed "favorite" to "like", and thus the icon from a star to a heart.
94b2ba9 * Package updates for
* Updated code related to multer to handle new multer API
* Fixed a bug with file upload system that didn't update the files when a new file was uploaded
* Updated DCL-related material on the gaming page
* Fixed a bug when a database issue causes an error with getting user roles
* Updated grunt task for latest remapify
0e466b6 Package updates for
a0e3613 Add Google authorization HTML.
96e8115 Version 1.0.3.
877275b Package updates.
6f9af2f - Battle.NET package upgrade.
- Fixed issues when API's are down or missing data.
326a633 - Update GTK all in one bundle URLs.
- Changes to gruntfile to support new NPM and browserify versions.
- Remove League of Legends. API sucks for individual use, and was causing errors.
- Various package updates.
26e114c Update packages for
23f52dc Dependency updates.
2017ceb Add permanent redirects for old homepage.
c627edd Add permanent redirects for modplug instead of 404ing.
24018cc Version 1.0.2, move favicon.ico to the public root, and fix bug with files from the /files directory causing 404s.
1e731bc Update readme for 1.0.1.
1382284 Fix a few bugs with the server.
2f2eaaf Another bug fix for steam achievements. Version bump to 1.0.1.
e9fcc1a Bug fix with Steam game achievements.
1c082fd Fix bugs with mobile site.
41f29a4 Did I really forget a mobile viewport? WTF?
d3a422c Fix Visual Studio project.
499da63 Fixed nasty issue with gitignore forgetting that files directories exist.
e7d5071 Really fix bug with getting the IP.
1258f94 Fix bug with getting the IP.
f798c09 Version bump to 1.0.
ee659ae Remove unnecessary Hosted Sites section.
0af20bf Update packages.
188738a Fix visual bug with Steam games.
a32a801 Add web.config for
23f4857 Add deployment scripts.
548b9fe Update Visual Studio project.
60966f2 Fix another redis-related crash.
c4914eb Fix crash caused by redis being down.
241061d Bug fix with failed League status.
e6af5e6 Bug fixes to get front page loaded when cache fails. Might need to do this in other places in the app.
cc6df90 Use clearfix instead of new rows on dynamic horizontal layouts.
a02d402 Fix a bug with various scrollers on the side.
12c56ef Add Flickr.
da82869 Fix bug with routes.
41712dd CSS updates for OLs and PREs.
7935393 Fix bug with page scrollers not showing up properly all the time.
80c4b30 Fix formatting bug with Gaming box on front page.
c0047b4 Setup music pages to only load one SoundCloud file at a time, like the playlists do YouTube videos.
af36337 Fix bug with blog API not rejecting properly when an error occurs.
6933e89 Fix bug with WoW feed on gaming page.
4e630fa Add DCL to clearing gaming caches.
a2e036a Add Riot's verification code.
0ae6012 Fix adding of pages in the admin section.
73b3168 Add feature to add all songs to playlist from a tag.
91826f9 Add some CSS for the blog.
b2540a9 Fix image widths, and fix bug with individual blog posts.
17ecba0 Fix the login issue.
85380b5 Just going to serve the fonts locally.
35a9777 Revert "I think I fixed the font loading issue."

This reverts commit c8b65c54064a6890627f2d95d3680c823e5b52f1.
c8b65c5 I think I fixed the font loading issue.
ab6eced Use database for allowed playlists.
3070c6c Database update to add allowed playlists.
3c9a7d9 Second round of bug fixing for caching models.
be4f89a First round of bug fixing, largely to get rendr model caching working properly.
cda84f4 Add transition. Note: it kicks ass.
fd2251e Use jquery Validation remote method instead of custom validationExtensions.
7d2291e Update readme and make default to port 3031.
9c85d3a Add a hit to the database when redirect hit, and log errors.
67e6077 redirect service.
cd4b2f4 Add redirect admin.
fd215c4 Update database and API for redirects.
0cbef31 Add RSS feeds to home page.
e11d5bc Load on the home page if the stream is live.
4ad41dd Version 0.7. Media Player