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I'm a gamer. Since owning a Texas Instruments 99/4A, I have used games to entertain, explore, compete, and relax. From first person shooters, to role-playing games, to action platformers, to real-time strategy games, and more. Below is my current collection of games that I play extensively, along with all of the games in my Steam collection.


Six Gaming

Six Gaming is an organization dedicated to gaming. It was born from my old Six Minutes To Release World of Warcraft raiding guild. Currently, it is home of the Six Gaming Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things gaming. I am one of the podcast's co-hosts.

The Six Gaming Podcast

Catch the Six Gaming Podcast on YouTube Saturdays at 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific. Here are the highlights from our most recent episode.

Six Gaming Podcast Episode 43 Highlights

World of Warcraft

Roncli <For Honor>
Human Paladin
18070 Achievement Points

I have been playing World of Warcraft since November 2006, just before the first expansion Burning Crusade came out. I ran the guild Six Minutes To Release for just over 7 years up until February of 2015, which spawned the Six Gaming brand. I am currently raiding with the guild For Honor.

Character Feed

Earned Lead a Legion
Earned The Pride of Kul Tiras
Defeated Gorak Tul
Earned Waycrest Manor
Looted Bleakweald Pauldrons
Looted Helm of Abyssal Malevolence
Defeated Vol'zith the Whisperer
Earned Shrine of the Storm
Looted Ashvane Warden's Cuirass
Defeated Overseer Korgus
Earned Tol Dagor
Looted Improvised Riot Shield
Earned The Long Con
Looted Soul of the Sea
Looted Sea Raider's Greathelm
Earned Kul Tourist
Earned A Sound Plan
Earned Explore Tiragarde Sound
Looted Sea Raider's Helmet
Looted Sea Raider's Armplates
Looted 7th Legionnaire's Greaves
Earned Explore Drustvar
Looted Waycrest Militia Spaulders
Earned Drust Do It.
Looted Rise-Breacher's Band
Earned Professional Kul Tiran Master
Looted Gryphon-Rider's Breastplate
Earned Holy Scrap!
Earned Level 120
Looted Mad-Butcher's Mallet
Looted Rockstopper Breastplate
Earned Deadliest Cache
Earned Stormsong and Dance
Looted Rikal's Ritual Beads
Earned Explore Stormsong Valley
Looted Dread Corsair Cincture
Looted Galewind Chimes
Earned Come Sail Away
Earned Giving a Scrap
Looted Heart of Azeroth
Earned Have a Heart
Earned Post Haste
Earned The Total Package
Defeated The Desolate Host

World of Warcraft Videos

World of Warcraft - Don't text and raid!

Diablo III

I've played Diablo III since beta fairly regularly. I am the leader of the Six Gaming clan, which consists mostly of former Six Minutes To Release members and friends.


Witch Doctor Hank Paragon 1121

Diablo III Videos

Diablo III - Blizzard can't count to 20


I've been playing Descent, Descent 2, and Descent 3 since they were released, in 1995, 1996, and 1999 respectively. I have also backed the next game in the series, Descent: Underground, from Descendent Studios via Kickstarter.

When Descent 3 was released, I joined the Wildcards Empire and earned their top pilot status in Descent and Descent 3, Death Squadron Elite. I also played for Team X and Nightwing over the years. I took over the Descent 3 Teams League in 2002 and ran it for several years, running the D3TL Tournament, which was a 16-team league that lasted 4-month in which everyone played 16 games. Although 4 teams dropped out, it still remains the largest organized team tournament for Descent 3. Most recently, I've joined the Descent Rangers to help get active into playing again with the upcoming Descent: Underground title around the corner.

Because Descent and Descent 2 were released such a long time ago, there are some modifications that you need to make to get the game to work on modern systems. After installing the games, either from media, on Steam, or on, you will need to visit to get the latest source port that runs on modern machines. You will also want to install the Retro package as part of the installation, or you can grab it from the Descent Rangers downloads section.

Descent Champions Ladder

The Descent Champions Ladder is an active Descent league that ranks each player via a ladder system. If you defeat a player higher than you, you take their spot. Players are also rated based on performance, and you can get a litany of stats about their games. I stream my DCL matches on Twitch and then move them to YouTube afterwards. An average DCL game is about 20 minutes, but can vary depending on the size of the map and aggression of the players involved.

Current Season

Silver #16
Vs. Diamond: 0-0
Vs. Gold: 0-0
Vs. Silver: 0-0
Vs. Bronze: 0-0
Vs. Unrated: 0-0

Match History

Descent Videos

Descent - Any% Trainee Speedrun - 55:47.24

Steam Collection Media Player