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Programming has been a hobby of mine since I was a child. I am entirely self-taught, and have managed to carve out a career in the field that spans over fifteen years.

Initially, I worked with BASIC on the TI 99/4A, Atari 130XE, and the Commodore 64 and 128. This transitioned easily to Mac OS 7's QBasic. Then I learned Microsoft Visual Basic 4 through 6 and starting making small programs and games. My first two programming jobs involved me learning Microsoft Access, with all kinds of back-end VBScript.

In 1998, I got heavily interested in web technology, and took a dive into HTML and JavaScript. Soon, I'd pick up Visual Basic.NET, C#, and ASP.NET. I was then able to transition my HTML knowledge to the modern HTML5 browser. My JavaScript experience also readied me for learning Node.js. Along the way I've picked up a bunch of PHP and C/C++ as well somehow.

In many ways, I consider the core concept of coding to come quite naturally to me. You simply break a task down into smaller and smaller tasks. What really fascinates me about coding, however, is how you can put all these simple tasks together to do something phenomenal.

I am involved in many projects outside of my professional career that involve programming in some way. This page is dedicated to showcasing those projects.

Current Projects

Commits and Releases

Fix bug.
Style fix.
Be smarter about how power spawns get refilled.
Tweaking remote storer count.
Still make things we are trying to buy if it's not time to buy things.
Only buy when there's more than 100 minerals needed.
Making a modification to how minerals are bought. Prefer higher minerals over lower ones.
Do not allow boosted creeps to auto-repair roads, it's a waste of energy.
Implement waypointing.
Season 4
From week 13, chat improvements.
Fix bugs with array slicing.
Be more aggressive with selling when we're not buying things.
Update layout of terminal transactions.
(2 total commits)
Fix bug with tough parts.
Fix armies that have creeps with defined toughness.
Allow tough parts to be defined.
(2 total commits)
Fix not retreating for all roles. Finally.
Well that sucked.
More logging.
Logging dismantler.
Turn off singing for now, need debugging.
Only take 100 of each log.
Panic sooner.
Stop using Array().fill().
Only try to find escorts during the staging phase.
I really mean dismantlers.
Fix bug with Dismantlers not wanting to leave.
Allow for any boost rooms elsewhere.
Try boosting with any room in the region.
Escortees always heal.
Super army fixes.
Updates to console, looks like it's working, and WAY better than Angular ever did.
OK, we're really fixed this time.
Why are my healers dumb?
Fix healers.
Better handling of escort.
Don't get snuggly with escorts if we're at full health.
Scientists get energy from storage first.
Allow healer creeps to build if they are escorting through portals.
creeps -> creep
Don't escort if you need to take portals.
Fix portal rallying.
Fix bug with filling links.
Spawn a storer from the region if there are none.
Fix bug with portals.
Army, save super status. Console, display army unit TTL.
Formatting and stuff.
Completing console. Needs debugging.
Adding messages.
Further updates to console app.
Remove silly logic duplication.
Fix bug with controller in survey.
Fix bug with minerals in survey.
Finish base rooms.
Continue work on new console.
Typo fix.
Further work on base info.
Don't know why this was still here.
Continuing work on template.
Start work with base survey.
Fix bug with energy available in survey.
Include region in survey.
General stats for Polymer working.
Room type doesn't really matter anymore when we're checking for hostiles anyway.
Update room avoidance code.
Don't do terminal under 5000 bucket.
Reduce dismantlers max to 4.
More playing around with polymer.
Thanks VSCode for not asking to save before committing.
Start work on switching maybe to Polymer.
Continue escorting throughout all army directives.
Fix bug with finding escort.
Fix bug with escort assignment.
More fixes.
Fix bug with running back to escort.
Better room avoidance.
Improve army escorts.
Starting on bases update.
General section of console update complete.
Fix bugs with boosting.
Better if else logic.
Move stats outside of graphs.
Starting to remake the console/web app.
Add market prices to the survey.
ES6 for console/website.
Fix flipping.
Fix bugs.
Go a little easier on the memory usage.
Fix bug with creep count.
Fix year.
Fix bug with date.
Define lastTime properly.
Implement survey.
Don't flip things we can't use in case we get stuck with them.
Various market enhancements.
Start on survey code.
Correct order of structures with energy. Media Player